Transmission Service

Transmission ServiceWithout the transmission, all that energy that your car’s engine creates can’t get to the tires. That’s one of the big reasons why HRS AutoCare takes transmission service and service so seriously.

Six Warning Signs You Need Transmission Service

You’re probably familiar with how your car feels as you’re driving it, especially if you’ve had it for a while. So, when something feels “new” or “different,” you need to pay attention. Some of these issues are warning signs of transmission trouble.

  1. The car slips gears, which means the engine revs before it catches the correct gear.
  2. The car shakes or hesitates when it’s changing gears.
  3. You’ve got a pool of transmission fluid under the back end.
  4. You can smell fluid burning and it’s coming from the back of the car.
  5. You can’t get your car into gear.
  6. The check engine light comes on.

All of these issues are signs that something isn’t quite right with your transmission, which is a sign to get your car serviced right away.

What Can Damage Your Transmission in Wilmore & Nicholasville, KY?

Your transmission might seem to be too tough for you to damage, but you might be surprised. If you’re shifting before you’re completely stopped, that’s really hard on your transmission. You probably won’t have problems right away, but this bad habit can eventually grind down your gears. If you’re constantly overloading your car, either by towing too much weight or by keeping heavy stuff in the trunk, that puts a load on your transmission. Also, if you’re ignoring the transmission fluid, that’s just asking for bigger problems, since the transmission fluid lubricates and cools the entire transmission.

What Happens if You Ignore Transmission Issues?

Transmission repair might be a scary phrase for you to hear, which might make you take your time getting to a mechanic. But, what if you just keep ignoring those signs of transmission trouble? Well, you can burn out the transmission fluid, which causes parts to grind against each other. Your transmission is also more likely to simply lock up and refuse to budge. That can leave you stranded when you least want to be.

Transmission Service & Repair Near Me

Transmission repair doesn’t have to be difficult or expensive. HRS AutoCare in Wilmore and Nicholasville, KY is committed to helping you to get only the repairs that you need and to stand behind those repairs with our three-year, 36,000-mile warranty.

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