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Mike R.

Going in first time in LONG time knowing underneath and other MULTIPLE items had to be addressed I had gotten FINNALY u.i. and cares act. When it was all said and finished I knew I had gotten awesome deal on labor and service for a large sum of cash! Also just took more u.i. cash to hrs as many things getting fixed right and backed up by service. I’m their for good no matter how petty or someone says they can do that cheaper, I guess you can, that’s why you don’t work there

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Zindell R.

I visited the Nicholasville location. I called got my vehicle in the same morning. Chris went above and beyond and did and repaired exactly what I asked for and even followed up afterwards……customer service to the max. I have a 2001 with 203K miles and they treated me as if it were brand new. Being new to the area, first impressions mean a lot….I’m impressed and this has become my go to garage.

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As always, my experience with HRS (meaning their people) was exceptional, kind, timely. They are trustworthy, thorough, professional and personal.

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Glad to have HRS nearby – always fair and considerate.

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HRS automotive is a top notch organization! Chris is always going the extra mile to make sure that your cars repairs are done quickly and correct the first time. The technicians are very thorough and friendly. Last but certainly not least…Kevin is always able and willing to explain on any level the repairs that are needed to you.

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Aaron S.

Clean garage. Viewing area to watch the mechanics as they work on your vehicle. Quick diagnostics. Estimate clearly reviewed before starting the job. Rear wheel speed sensor replaced in about an hour. Job completed for $244. I feel like that is a fare price, plus 3-yr warranty on the work. Most importantly, the work HRS did fixed my ABS system sporadically engaging.

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Thomas M.

Thomas said the staff was competent, fast, helpful, and drove him back and forth while they serviced his vehicle.

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Barry H.

Very professional and made sure I was completely satisfied with the Mustang.


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