enginesYour car’s engine is like its beating heart. The engines in our cars keeps it running and when there are problems, they need to be handled right away. Understanding exactly how your car’s engine works may not be completely necessary, but HRS AutoCare has some information that can help you to take better care of your car.

Is the Check Engine Light Really Bad News?

When your check engine light comes on, how bad is that really? If you’re like most car owners, that’s a light that can really cause some panic because engine repairs can be a big expense. The reality is that the check engine light can mean that there are a variety of different things going on. Those problems can range from really minor ones, like needing to tighten your car’s gas cap, to serious issues, such as a failing catalytic converter. The best way to know what’s happening with your check engine light is to take your car to a reputable mechanic in Wilmore, KY.

What Should You Do about the Check Engine Light in Wilmore & Nicholasville, KY?

You should never ignore your check engine light or follow online guides that help you to “reset” your check engine light. All that does is put off the inevitable, and that can mean that your car’s engine is piling up more and more damage. Take your car right away to a mechanic who knows engine repairs inside and out. HRS AutoCare fixes every type of make and model under the sun, and we can help you find out what’s happening.

Three Crucial Pieces of Information You Need About Engines

How much do you know about your car’s engine?

  • Car engines get really hot. They need the coolant system to be functional, including the radiator and all of the assorted tubes and hoses that help that system to work. They also need fresh engine oil to circulate, helping to boost cooling as it goes.
  • Speaking of oil, it helps to clean your car’s engine, which is why it needs to be replaced so often.
  • Diagnostic testing helps to solve engine issues that aren’t as easy to deduce.

Engines Repair Near Me

Are you having issues with your car’s engine? Stop by HRS AutoCare in Wilmore, KY, also conveniently located in Nicholasville, and we can help you to diagnose the problem. We’ve got experience handling all sorts of engines from all kinds of makes and models of vehicles. And our warranty, 3-years, and 36,000-miles, covers all our repairs.

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