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brake repairYour brakes are one of the most important parts of your car because if you can’t stop, that’s a huge problem. HRS AutoCare understands what it takes to keep your brakes in excellent running order. We provide brake repair & service on all makes.

How Many Miles Do You Get on Your Brakes?

Most of the services your car needs on a regular basis require service every so often miles. Your car’s owner’s manual is the best source of information about these services and how often they’re necessary. Your brakes are a little bit different, though, because there is no recommendation based on mileage. Your brake life depends on factors like your driving style, the quality of the parts used in repairing your brakes, and so much more.

Four Signs Your Car Needs Brake Repair in Wilmore & Nicholasville, KY

So, if you can’t tell that you need brake repair because of a specific mileage, how can you tell that your brakes are having trouble?

  1. You’re noticing it takes longer to stop. You might also feel as if you’re pressing the brake pedal down farther to get the brakes to respond.
  2. You’re hearing grinding or squealing sounds when you brake. This can mean that the brake pads are worn down and that they’re hitting the rotors unevenly.
  3. Your car is vibrating when you try to brake. This vibration may be more severe when you’re braking at higher speeds.
  4. The brake light on your dashboard is on, even when your parking brake is off. This is your car’s computer letting you know that there’s some sort of issue with the brake system.

Bad Things Happen When You Drive Too Long with Worn Brakes

When you’re not paying attention to your brakes, they continue to wear down. If you drive for too long with worn brakes, you are doing a bit of gambling. First of all, you’re risking an accident, even a small one. Your brakes won’t respond the way you need them to, and when you really need them, they might fail. Your brake rotors and calipers take a beating when you avoid brake repair, which can be a more expensive repair. And finally, you’re running the risk of wearing out your tire tread a little faster, too, because you’re having to brake harder every time you try to stop.

Brake Repair Near Me

Taking the best care possible of your brakes is a lot easier when you’ve got a mechanic you can trust. HRS AutoCare in Wilmore, KY, also conveniently located in Nicholasville, has experienced, friendly technicians who can help you with any of your brake repair needs. Our three-year, 36,000-mile warranty also covers any repairs we handle for you.

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