alignment and tiresHow important is wheel alignment, really? It turns out, both wheel alignments and tires that are in good shape affect more than you think. HRS AutoCare can help you with your tire and alignment repair needs.

Are There Clues that You Need a Wheel Alignment?

Lots of times minor handling issues are blamed on road conditions, but they may be more closely related to alignment issues than you realize. First of all, you might feel vibration or pulling in the steering wheel. As your alignment worsens, that pulling also worsens until you’re fighting to keep the car on the road. You may also start to notice uneven tire wear, which is far more than a cosmetic issue. This involves whether your tires are able to safely grip the road like they’re supposed to.

Four Ways You Can Tell You Need New Tires in Wilmore & Nicholasville, KY

Speaking of your tires, when is it time for you to get new ones? There are mileage recommendations, but there are bigger clues that speak louder when it comes to being time to replace your tires.

  1. The tread is disappearing. If you see more of a flat surface on your car’s tire than you do tread, that’s a big problem and you’re risking a blowout.
  2. Take a look at the sidewalls of your tires. Do they look weathered, dry, and cracked? That’s a sign that the tires are starting to age.
  3. Are you noticing blisters or bulges in the tire? That’s a weak spot that could wear out very quickly and leave you stranded.
  4. Your car vibrates as you’re driving. This can be because of uneven tread connecting with the road.

It’s always a good idea to have your tires inspected and rotated when you get oil changes, just to make sure they’re in good condition.

What Happens When You Ignore Wheel Alignment Issues?

Your wheel alignment affects your tires, your suspension system, and your steering system. So, if you do ignore wheel alignments, you can cause uneven tire wear. That, of course, means that you’re buying tires more often than you should have to. But you’re also contributing to difficulties with steering and handling. You may even be contributing to suspension damage. The bottom line is that when you’re working harder to control your car, that’s also costing you fuel. It’s much better to ensure your wheels are properly aligned.

Alignments Near Me

Here at HRS AutoCare in Wilmore, KY, also conveniently located in Nicholasville, we can help you to diagnose all sorts of tire and wheel alignment issues. Don’t let these problems go on too long, because they can lead to bigger trouble. We can fix everything, no matter what the make and model may be.

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